Who Is Monica Beets? Monica Beets Net worth, Family, Education and More.

Monica Beets Net worth

Monica Beets:

Monica Beets was born on the 7th of November in 1993 in Canada (Yukon). She is 28 years old. Monica is a miner as well as a reality TV star. She participated in a reality TV show which is known as “Gold Rush.” She is basically a Canadian and is famous for her participation in the gold rush. Gold Rush reality TV show broadcasts on Discovery Channel, which is liked by many people. She also became the supervisor of her family’s gold mining company. She is known as a millionaire because of her million dollars net worth because she owns on her own right.  

Monica Beets Net Worth: 

Monica Beets family is a well-known millionaire family and quite famous also. It is known that Monica Beets has a net worth of 2 Million Dollars on her own right. Monica Beets’s father, Tony Beets, is the richest miner of the gold rush discovery series and he has a total net worth of 15 Million Dollars. He owns a gold mining company.

Monica Beets Family: 

  • Monica Beets is the daughter of the legendary gold miner and a famous reality TV star Tony Beets. He is also famous for participating in the Gold Rush TV show. Both father and daughter participated along with each other. 
  • Her mother, Minnie Beets, was also a participant of the Gold Rush TV show she appeared alongside her husband. When her father, Tony Beets, moved from the Netherlands to Canada (Yukon), he met Minnie, and they became friends since from childhood; and soon after, when they were young enough, they started dating each other and soon got married. It’s been forty years of their marriage, and their marriage is still intact.    
  • Monica has three siblings Bianca Beets, Mike Beets, and Kevin Beets. They are also miners by profession and also are participants of the Gold Rush. Her brothers Kevin and Mike are also well-known miners in the gold rush, but Bianca is not known as Monica’s brothers are known towards people.

Monica Beets Education: 

In 2016 Monica’s brother completed his graduation from the University of Brunswick. She is also graduated from the same University from which his brother has graduated. Still, it is not confirmed because the facts about her education are unknown, whether she is graduated or not, but people estimate that might she is graduated as same as his brother Kevin.

Monica Beets Marital Status: 

Monica married Taylor Mayes, who is also a participant of the Gold Rush. They both met on this show and married on the 11th of August in 2018. His husband, Taylor Mayes, did not share his net worth and other facts about his life. However, Monica is a bigger star than her husband in Gold Rush. She also shared her net worth on social media, but his husband refers to a strictly private life. This beautiful couple arranged their marriage in their own City Dawson in Canada. The couple has one kid, a beautiful daughter.

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Monica Beets and the Social Media

Beets is fairly active in social media, with accounts on a number of platforms. She has more than 40,000 followers on Twitter, over 45,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 122,000 fans on her Facebook fan page. She regularly updates all of her social media sites with messages on her everyday activities, her work on the show “Gold Rush,” as well as her family and marriage to Taylor Mayes.

Monica Beets in Gold Rush: 

  • Season 2: Monica Beets join the 2nd season of Gold Rush alongside her father, Tony Beets. 
  • Season 5: In season 5th of the gold rush, Monica turned 21, and she worked in Paradise Hill Claim. At Clear Creek, disassembling of the Viking Dredge was underway by Monica. Parker Schnabel, who was also a member of the gold rush, had a crush on Monica Beets when she joined the second season of the gold rush with her father.
  • Season 11: She also appeared in the 11th season of the gold rush; during that season, Monica was got pregnant, and due to pregnancy, this season was quite complicated for her, but everyone enjoyed that season very well.

Monica Beets Achievements: 

She learned all the techniques and has been guided by her father, Tony Beets since she was a child from an early age. Because she was interested in gold mining since from her childhood and wanted to follow her father’s footsteps, she learned all the essential tips of gold mining and thus worked very hard such that she made a crew of only girls and ran a plant of her own as she was a very skilled and intelligent operator as well. Monica’s act proved that women are not bad in gold mining; these are as good as all men are good in gold mining. She has become an excellent example for women. After soon, she became the supervisor of her own family’s gold mining company due to her excellent achievements in her work as a gold miner. 

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