Box Truck Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide About How to Get Box Truck Contracts?

box truck contracts

If you run an organization that operates a box truck and would like to know how to secure a box truck contract, you’re at the right spot. In this article, we’ll examine ten ways for owners of box trucks to ensure the delivery contract (or the load) for their business with a box truck.

1. Load boards

One of the best ways to obtain contracts for your business box truck is to use load boards. What exactly are load boards? They are websites that display loads available for delivery accessible. Some (but not every) require a fee to utilize these boards. You might be interested in a few load boards: Truck Stop, DAT, Get Loaded, and Trucker Path. You can also reach out to freight brokers, 3PL firms, and freight forwarders to find out whether they have box trucks agreements or loads that are available to you.

2. Box truck contracts through Amazon

You can sign up for box truck contracts through Amazon Relay and register as an operator. You must have an active DOD number, legitimate MC Number, and a type of carrier entity licensed for property and hire to be approved. Also, it would help if you were rated as safe “Satisfactory,” “None,” or “Not Rated” from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and have a specific policy of insurance in force.

Insurance policies required for commercial include general liability, auto liability, and trailer replacement insurance. The coverage of cargo, workers compensation, and employee liability. Amazon’s service is the size and scope of their operations allow them to enjoy a steady flow of goods. You also have many loads, from small journeys (like just 20-miles or less) to more extensive loads (100 miles or more).

Another advantage is booking loads with ease using their user-friendly interface. Apart from receiving loads, it is also possible to assign drivers, log into the Amazon Relay Load Board, track the performance of your load, download and view information about payments and even raise problems. Access to their mobile application permits drivers to see and track the status of their cargoes, track any delays, and employ commercial navigation tools suitable for truckers.

3. Dispatchers

It is also possible to use truck dispatchers to search for loads. While they usually have a function similar to a cargo broker, they exclusively represent transporters (that’s the people you). Truck dispatchers search load boards and find the most lucrative loads that will suit your company. A quick Google search for “truck dispatch services” should yield a list of companies to investigate working with.

4. Local Delivery Matching Sites

There are many companies and manufacturing companies who require local deliveries every day. If it’s equipment, supplies, devices for medical use, or even appliances, you’ll be able to meet this need by using your truck.

5. Moving Job Websites

You can also provide moving items for corporations or individuals. On the turf, you’re called a “Man with a Van.” If you’re helping someone relocate from their tiny apartment or assisting an office in moving or repositioning, your box truck might be the best option for these kinds of tasks. Take note that if your company provides expert moving facilities, certain states may require specific licenses or certifications. Contact your form for the requirements you have to meet to run a moving service firm.

6. Online Marketing

If you provide facilities to the community, another method to secure delivery jobs and contracts is to promote your services. Naturally, online marketing is among the most popular methods available. How do you crack this issue? It’s a daunting task when you’re new to marketing on the internet, which is why I’ve put together these easy and tested strategies for online marketing:

  • Set up a Google My Business. If you wish for people to locate your business’s location on Google, you must establish the Google My Business account.
  • Create a spectacular website that fetches customers to your company. The need for an online existence is practically a necessity nowadays. This means that you must have an online presence for your business. If you’re short on funds, you can build a website inexpensively.  Google lets you start your company website at no cost. However, suppose you genuinely want to bring visitors (and potential clients) to your site. In that case, it is recommended to engage an expert in online marketing to improve your site’s performance to draw more leads and traffic.

7. Mobile Billboards

This is a little out of the ordinary, and however, if you purchase an auto that permits the use of mobile ads, you may contract with companies that would like to promote their products on the sides of your truck. In the end, it’s an immense amount of space that will receive plenty of exposure, especially when you are driving throughout the peak hours on roads that are crowded. In addition, many people do not notice or ignore static billboards; however, mobile billboards are new enough to draw attention.

8. Bread Routes

You can also purchase bread routes and not be concerned about contracts for box trucks once more. What is a bread path? These are ways in which you receive a specific territory from an organization that makes bread, such as Arnold’s and Pepperidge Farm, and get a commission on every sale you sell to retailers within that area. The route will use your box truck for transports, naturally.

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9. Pound the Pavement

The final option is the most straightforward, but it can be challenging to implement. There will be hidden opportunities that are available with any of the strategies previously discussed, which can only be identified by contacting businesses to determine whether they need to hire delivery service providers or any other. Contact small-scale businesses like appliances, hardware shops, retailers, or even local companies in your local area to determine whether they are satisfied with their current delivery company.

Suppose you’re a mover and want to promote traditional ways by pounding on the streets and placing up flyers, for example. There’s no way to know the possibilities that may arise because of these tried-and-tested methods, so test different strategies and discover the most effective.

What kind of profit can you expect from a box truck?

The majority of BOX Truck Owner Operator salaries presently vary between $4,333 (25th percentile) and $14,625 (75th percentile) in the United States, despite ZipRecruiter reporting monthly wages as high as $22,000 and as low as $2,750.

Do box trucks for Amazon have contracts?

You may sign up with Amazon Relay as a contractor if you operate a box truck or a carrier. You may access Amazon’s logistics network using Amazon Relay, and the system (Relay) will automatically reserve loads for you depending on your requirements.


  • What is a contract for a box truck carrier?

The work of an independent contractor for a box truck is to provide the delivery route of an organization. Box truck contractors are usually the proprietor of their vehicles. They manage for the benefit of a business or an organization.

  • Are box trucks an investment that is worth it?

The ownership of a box truck is like releasing yourself from the tightly controlled 9-5 routine. Whatever you choose to do, having the truck of your dreams is a great chance to make a highly satisfying profession, rewarding, and offers the advantages of being self-employed.