What Is Cleaving Minecraft? All you need to know about Cleaving Minecraft.

Cleaving Minecraft

Cleaving Minecraft:

Cleaving Minecraft is a new enchantment in Minecraft; this enchantment, when applied to an ax, increases the ax’s damage and shield disabling. Cleaving enchantment can be found in the combat test snapshots. This enchantment is found in the Java edition only. In the Java installer, you cannot find these snapshots. On Reddit, you can easily find these snapshots as the only way to find your snapshots. There may be changes to it, so in the combat test, it is based on the snapshots.

Functions of Cleaving Minecraft in Minecraft:

  • First, it increases the damage to mobs, and also, it can disable shields. The amount of damage cleaving does is one plus one time the enchantment level. The maximum level is three; at level three, cleaving can do four damages.
  • Second per an enchantment level, it can stun the shield for 0.5 seconds means normally, cleaving can disable a shield for 1.5 sec.
  • There is a twenty-five percent chance to disable a shield for five sec, while in the combat test, ax’s disabled shields for 1. sec with an ax with cleaving.
  • This increases the amount of time that a shield will be disabled with cleaving also.
  • It is incompatible with the sharpness, smite, the bane of arthropods; among the four, you can only choose one.
  • Another change in the combat test is now that is by an enchanted book with the enchantment and then using an anvil t5 put it on the ax on a sword the only way to put sharpness, the bane of arthropods and smite.
  • However, with cleaving, you can get it from the enchanting table when you enchant an ax.

Cleaving Better than Sharpness:

The new cool enchantment cleaving is much better than sharpness enchantment because now, with cleaving, you can do more damage easily, while with sharpness, it is not possible because it access low damage and now is less useful because of the addition of new cleaving enchantment. Cleaving at least is more potent than sharpness, and it applies to all mobs, unlike smite and bane of arthropods.

Cleaving Better than Smite

Like cleaving Minecraft smite is also better than sharpness, only in the case of undead mobs because it causes more damage than sharpness on undead mobs, and smite can also be applied on both swords and axes same as cleaving. Both cleaving and smite have nearly the same function they cause more damage hence their cases are different smite causes more damage on undead mobs while cleaving when applied on ax increase its damage and also increases shield disabling.

Cleaving, formerly known as “Chopping,” has undergone several changes over the combat test snapshots of Minecraft: Java Edition. There have been about 12 combat update snapshots, all of which have focused on improving the combat in preparation for upcoming Java Edition improvements.

Numerous features are not included in the game’s base build due to the experimental nature of these snapshots. Cleaving and many other observed combat changes have not yet been announced for an official update, though some combat test elements have been added and removed in subsequent updates.

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Cleaving Better than Bane of Arthropods

Same as smite bane of arthropods only causes more damage to arthropods such as spiders, silverfish, ender mites, and cave spiders. Both bane of arthropods and cleaving are exclusively the same in cases of damage because they cause more damage.

Other Types of Enchantments Like Cleaving Minecraft

However, there are four types of enchantments in Minecraft Sharpness, Bane of Arthropods, smite, and the new enchantment cleaving:


Sharpness is also a pretty cool enchantment in Minecraft; using sharpness, you can do melee damage by applying it on the sword or on an ax. While cleaving is better than sharpness in case of more damage, it provides to the players.


It is a new recently added enchant in Minecraft also known as cleaving Minecraft with cleaving players that can increase their damage and also disable the shield. Cleaving is thus more useful and also becomes very necessary for the Minecraft players because of its more damage and shield disabling power.


Smite is another useful enchantment like cleaving in which players apply this on an ax or on a sword; by applying this enchantment on the ax and sword, it increases the damage dealt with mobs that are undead. It is also a very useful enchantment in Minecraft.

Bane of Arthropods

Like Cleaving bane of arthropods is also an enchantment in which players can easily damage mobs like spiders, silverfish, ender mites, and cave spiders with the enchantment bane of arthropod because it increases the rate of attack damage against mobs.


There is definite information about cleaving Minecraft, which may become helpful for you while playing Minecraft. Cleaving Minecraft is a new recently added enchantment; it is becoming beneficial for players in case of damage because it does more damage than any other enchantments because its damage can be applied both for disabling shield and for more damage by applying it on an ax. We hope that this frequent information on Cleaving Minecraft will be helpful for Minecraft players. 

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