What Are Tartan Wedding Dresses? How To Made A Perfect Tartan Wedding Dress A complete Guide

tartan wedding dresses

Tartan Wedding Dresses

Tartan wedding dresses are Scottish wedding dresses, and usually, Scottish people wear these tartan wedding dresses at their weddings. You don’t have to be Scottish to wear these wedding dresses; if you want to wear a tartan wedding dress at your wedding, you can wear them because these are trending worldwide, and many of the brides select tartan wedding dresses for their weddings, including their bridesmaid and also their groom plus they choose a complete tartan wedding theme because these dresses are being liked by people so much and hence people are inspired by their uniqueness and elegance. 

What does a Scottish lady of the hour wear?

In a conventional Scottish wedding today, the lady wears a white, ivory or cream-hued wedding dress in her preferred style. Bridesmaids normally wear matching dresses in the variety/style picked by the lady. A few ladies wear a cover, some don’t.

What do they look like?

Basically, in old times in Scotland, at Scottish weddings bride only wore a tartan dress with simple stripes or pale color tartan dresses or even colorful clan tartan dresses. To wear these types of dresses was their tradition, but nowadays their tradition has become very much famous among people, and people started liking tartan wedding dresses because they are lighter than the normal white wedding gown and give another look to bride and groom and made their wedding unique as compared to a typical wedding. Usually, a tartan wedding dress includes stripes of dark colors within the wedding gown; these stripes can be anywhere on the dress, can be on the neck on the sides, or can be at the foot of the gown, but these stripes are must include because these are the main thing for a Scottish or tartan wedding dresses or it can be an entirely stripped wedding gown that is also a very nice combination. Mainly Tartan wedding dresses are only based on these clan tartans.

How to Stich a Perfect Tartan Wedding Dress Step by Step Guide.

Before your wedding, the main thing is to choose and stich a perfect wedding dress and a wedding theme. If you want your wedding to be held in a tartan wedding theme and wants a tartan wedding dress for your wedding, then you should follow these step-by-step guides for making your perfect wedding dress. For a perfect tartan wedding dress, you do not buy a readymade gown; you should make a gown of your own choice, and I am sure these guides will be helpful in making your perfect tartan wedding dress.

Step 1: Choose an elegant design for your gown.

First of all, if you are not Scottish and want a tartan wedding dress for your wedding, then you need not be worried. You don’t need to be Scottish to wear a Scottish wedding dress; it doesn’t matter whether you are a scot girl or an American; it really doesn’t matter because nowadays, tartan wedding dresses are being very much appreciated among most of the people. Second, it depends upon you whether you choose a full tartan gown or want some tartan stripes on your wedding gown. In my opinion, some stripes of tartan will look much more adorable than a fully tartan gown. Well, the choice is yours.

Step 2: Choose a unique fabric for your dress. 

After selecting the design, the second and foremost thing is choosing the best fabric for your tartan wedding dress. You must select the best quality and suitable fabric because tartans are available in different fabrics with different qualities, so you must ick carefully that they suit on your wedding gown or for a wedding gown.

  • For Men Kilt: Wool, Silk, and Chiffon tartans come in the best quality and easily available fabrics, and a wide range of designs are easily available in wool tartan fabric. Usually, for men’s kilts, a heavy cloth has used, a maximum of 16oz, as it is also traditional for a Scottish wedding mainly, the groom’s kilt is made of a heavy fabric of at least 8 yards of cloth. 
  • For women Dress: For women, wool fabric tartans are best due to a huge variety of designs available in them. As compared to men, women’s dresses are kept lighter in weight. If you are using wool tartan fabric for your dress, then it should be of 8oz or 11oz. If tartan is not available in silk fabric, then wool is also a good choice, and for wool usually, 8oz, also known as spring weight, is used by most of the Scottish people. Tartans in silk fabric give a luxurious and elegant glow to the dresses, while same as wool silk fabric, tartans are also very commonly used in the tartan wedding dresses. 

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Step 3: Take proper measurements for your dress. 

The next step is of your measurements; you must take your measurements precisely and carefully as same of your size as you want because being careless in it will ruin your uniquewedding dress. All of your fittings, whole dress length from to bottom, waist, shoulders, neck, and more sizes be taken as accurately as they are. If the measurements are proper, then the dream dress will be perfectly stitched as of your own choice.

Step 4: Choose or select the best tailor for stitching your dress.

I think you must give your dream dress to your family tailor because it will be easy for you. If you don’t have a family tailor, then you must find a perfect and hardworking, trained, and experienced tailor that fulfilled your all expectations because an un-experienced tailor can also ruin your clothes, and it is also possible that it makes your dream dress as beautiful as you want there a fifty percent chance. So now it is up to you, you want to take a risk by handing over to an un-experienced tailor or an experienced one my opinion is that you just stitch you tartan wedding dress from Joyce Young if you can afford she is one of the best tartan dress wedding designers, and I think she will fulfill all your dreams for your wedding dress.

Step 5: Bring your dress back.

It is to be noted that, before four-five days from a wedding, you must bring your dress home from the tailor and ensure your fittings and design, so that if you don’t like the fittings or design, so you return it to the tailor and ask it to make further changes in your dress as you want in it. So that on the day of the wedding everything is as accurate and perfect as you want with no trouble at all.


I hope that the above-mentioned general knowledge about tartan wedding dresses and their tradition will be enough for you. to know about Scottish culture. Tartan wedding dress is a unique choice for you to wear as your wedding dress because they give you and your groom a different glow and sparkle on the day of the wedding.

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