Who Is Alan Wilzig? Alan Wilzig Net Worth, Early Life, Personal Life, Career, And All Other Info


Alan Wilzig

The owner of the Alanmoto two and four-wheeler racing teams and the CEO, president, and chairman of the New Jersey Trust Company is Alan Wilzig. One of the most popular car racers in America is Alan Wilzig. According to his biography, Alan is a wealthy investor born in 1965. He is listed among the richest people in the United States. Alan Wilzig is well known for being a racer.

The Wilzig Family is known as a Donator since they have given the government and many less privileged individuals many gifts. This article will discuss Alan Wilzig’s net worth, early life, career, and all other information you need to know.

Alan Wilzig Early Life

Alan Wilzig’s father, Siggi Wilzig, a German Holocaust survivor, and Naomi welcomed Alan Wilzig into the world on April 20, 1965. He was raised in a wealthy Clifton, New Jersey, family. He came from a wealthy household and has always loved bikes and cars.

In Miami Beach, Florida, the Art Museum is run by his mother, Naomi Wilzig. She also collects abstract art. He has a sister named Sherry Wilzig and an American pop singer named Ivan Wilzig.

He completed his undergraduate education at a private high school in Clifton before receiving his diploma in 1987 from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. After making a college degree, he began working for his father’s Trust Company of New Jersey Bank.

He rode in several expensive automobiles and motorcycles during high school and college. He turned his interest into a career and is involved in various activities.

Alan Wilzig Personal Life

Alan Wilzig came from a fighting family. In 1947, Siggi Wilzig immigrated to the United States with little money. Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife Nadine Caridi started dating Alan Wilzig. Karin Hanssen and Alan Wilzig were married in 2003. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2006 for unspecified personal reasons.

Alan Wilzig Career

Alan Wilzig was raised in a wealthy family and had access to everything because his father owned a bank and an energy company. He improved his father’s business when he joined it. As of right now, he is managing many companies.

After graduating, Alan Wilzig immediately begins working for his father’s Trust. Wilzig was appointed the company’s president and CEO in 2002. The company’s value doubled after his father’s passing, and it was sold to North Fork Bank in 2004 for $752 million in cash and stock. Wilzig became a young multimillionaire because of this deal.

On a 275-acre plot of land in Taghkanic, New York, he constructed a racetrack in 2005 and called it Wilzig Racing Manor. Although he had several challenges while making this racetrack, it was completed in 2011 and cost $7.5 million.

It is the largest racetrack in the US that is only allowed for private pleasure usage. The track is 40 feet wide and more than a mile long, with an elevation variation of 80 feet from the highest to the lowest point. One pair of consecutive turns in the same direction can be made during a 2.75-mile lap using the most extended layouts designed for time trials.

In 2004, Wilzig developed a motorcycle using components and characteristics from the MV Agusta F4 and Ducati 998. The fusion motorbike was considered by the Robb Report to be the best motorcycle for admirers of Massimo Tamburini’s designs and is thought of as a tribute to Tamburini.

He founded Alanmoto Racing Company, which oversees the organization of national competitions. Then he moved up to the L1 class. In the 2017 IMSA Prototype Challenge, he competed once more with the Performance Tech team.

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What is the Alan Wilzig Net Worth?

The chairman of the Trust Company of New Jersey Bank is Alan Wilzig, one of the wealthiest motorcycle riders in the United States. They generate millions of dollars in revenue annually and successfully manage the bank their father purchased. He has given his brother the remaining 50% of the stock.

Alan Wilzig is the chairman of the Trust Company and has a net worth of $160 million. Currently, the corporation has 75 branches. The company is worth $4.3 billion and has loans worth $2.1 billion.

They are highly renowned for their charity activities. In addition to being the original director of the Jewish Community Project of Lower Manhattan, which was founded in 2001, Wilzig is also a co-founder of the Chabad of Southampton synagogue.

Alan enjoys racing and uses it as his primary source of income. It makes $10 million a year from all of its operations combined. His monthly average pay is $833,000, and this is his profit. He has collected motorcycles and cars worth millions of dollars.

Wilzig keeps more than 100 automobiles, motorcycles, and off-road equipment at the Wilzig Racing Manor. He owns a Gardner-Douglas Lola T70 and a V8-powered Lotus Esprit. He also has KTM off-road bikes. He has made appearances on numerous motorsports-related programs.


After reading this article, it is concluded that Alan Wilzig is a multi-millionaire American businessman, semi race car driver. He faces many difficulties in his life, but he continues doing an effort and hard work. Through his hard work, he gained great popularity in the world.


  • What is the source of income of Alan Wilzig?

In 2011, the modern Jewish American café Kutsher’s Tribeca opened in Tribeca, and Wilzig was the restaurant owner. The restaurant’s concept, partly inspired by Kutsher’s Country Club in Monticello, New York, underwent more than a year of his time and effort.

  • What is the price of building a racetrack?

Although two lanes are not necessary for the racetrack, two-lane pavement typically costs about $100,000 per mile. Constructing a four-lane track will cost about $200,000. Four lanes are necessary to prevent drivers from deviating from the path if they wander across lanes.